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Happy Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day is today, Saturday May 4! You can pick up FREE, yes FREE comic books.

This geek holiday is the comic industry’s way of saying thanks to longtime fans, the “brick and mortar” neighborhood comic shops and welcome new readers. This year it falls on May the 4th Be With You Day and yes there is a STAR WARS free title on the list along with books for everyone!

After "Into the Spiderverse", "Captain Marvel" and "Avengers: Endgame", you may want to deep dive or learn a little more about the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe. If you’re one of millions who cheered and maybe cried in "Endgame", Marvel has a FCBD issue starring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the Spidey cast. FCBD is a perfect opportunity to see the stories behind the biggest movies and television shows.

Entire families pack up, and some even dress up in costume to pick up their freebies. There are even free books starring your favorite video game, television show and toy characters on this bonus geek holiday.

Here’s what you need to know before you go:

First up: Find a participating stores on the FCBD site by entering your zip code on the Comic Shop Locator.

Free means free butdifferent shops have different rules. Some stores may have a limit on the freebies. For example, you can get up to four free titles but six if you also buy something at the shop. Call ahead or check via a store’s social media channels for their policy and FCBD deals.

To cosplay or not to cosplay? Cosplay! Dress up or just come to see a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Deadpool or other fan-favorites in the shops.

Special guests. You may even get to meet a comic book writer or artist signing books for FCBD. Seattle’s Phoenix Comics and Games on Capitol Hill will welcome creators Jen Vaughn, Zack Davisson, Colleen Frakes, Tatiana Gill, Lauren Graves, Iris Jay and Hye Mardikian.

Just because they’re free doesn’t mean they’re just extra unsold copies! Major publishers feature their biggest characters in brand new stories. Marvel will launch the big summer story "Absolute Carnage" in FCBD "Spiderman/Venom #1". This FCBD book also features a Miles Morales from INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE story.

Not into super-heroes? Really? Ok – Even if you’re not a fan of costumed crusaders you can find comics starring characters from "Doctor Who", "Stranger Things", "Riverdale", "Disney Descendants", "Minecraft" and even the classic "Little Lulu".

Come for the freebies, stay for the super deals and specials. Many have shops have incredible deals on back issues. You’ll feel like Loki getting away with something when you stroll our with a bag full of classic comics at a super price.

The FCBD Selection Committee chose 50 titles overall – 12 Gold Sponsor comics and 38 Silver Sponsor comics – to give fans a big variety of stories choose from and discover new genres and publishers. These titles are curated by over twenty comic shop retailers who make up the FCBD Selection Committee. Here’s the full list of books.

Free is great but buying comics, collectibles and more geek goodies at your participating comic book shops is most welcome. Without comics we wouldn’t have the blockbuster movies so be a hero and support your friendly neighborhood store which helps those all those writers and artists stay in business – the business of making us thrilled on the page and screens.

Have a happy Free Comic Book Day.