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Seattle Goodwill has tons of great items you can repurpose to pretty-up your patio, including terracotta flower pots, vintage suitcases, craft supplies and more! (Photo Credit: Seattle Goodwill)

Great Ways to Pretty Up Your Patio with Goodwill

With the warm summer weather, we're all spending a lot time outside. And if you're looking to 'pretty up your patio'-- stop by Seattle Goodwill! You can find tons of great items to repurpose at Seattle Goodwill, including terracotta flower pots, vintage suitcases and craft supplies.

DIY Guy Gary Gary Foy shared some unique ways to take a plain flower pot from drab to fab... and transform a vintage suitcase into a "Seat Case."

Flower Pot Cooler

Supplies: large terracotta pot, black chalkboard paint, gems, chalk, and a glue gun.

  • Paint terracotta flower pot with chalkboard paint
  • Write "drinks" on it in chalk
  • Fill with ice and beverages

Tie Dye Flower Pots

Supplies: terracotta pots, shaving cream, white acrylic paint, food coloring, rags, an old credit, a paint brush and glass pyrex baking plans.

  • Paint the flower pots white
  • Layer shaving cream in baking pans
  • Use the credit card to fan shaving cream out and make a "bed"
  • Choose your colors and a made a grid of large dots in the shaving cream
  • Roll the pot in the shaving cream/food dye
  • Place the pots on rags and let them sit there for 10 minutes
  • Wipe off the shaving cream
  • Add plants

French Inspired Flower Pots

Supplies: terracotta pots, white spray paint, laquer, bowl with water in it, waterslide transfer sheet, sandpaper, scissors.

  • Spray paint the terracotta pots and set aside
  • Using your home printer, print a fun design on the waterslide transfer paper and cute it out
  • Use sand paper to distress to the flower pot and wipe down excess dust
  • Place the waterslide paper designs in a bowl of water for 3-4 minutes. The design will slide off paper.
  • Place the design where you want it
  • Spray it with laquer
  • Let it dry and add plants

Suitcase Seating

Supplies: Vintage suitcase, small pillow, drill gun, top plate, 4 small wooden legs, sharpies and pliers.

  • Put a top plate in each corner and mark where you want to drill
  • Drill holes
  • Add the top plate
  • Screw in wooden legs
  • Place a pillow on top to make a seat