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Want to Give Back? There are a *bunch* of apps for that

Between work, school, friends, family - oh and sleep - 24 hours fills up quickly. But our hectic lives don’t have to stop us from helping to make someone else’s just a little better. Determined to find a schedule-friendly way to give back in 2019, I dove into three apps that help make the world a better place, one iPhone user at a time.

#1 - Be My Eyes

Looking for a way to lend a helping hand, or should I say helping eye? If so, Be My Eyes is for you!

Be My Eyes connects vision-impaired individuals with a vast network of volunteers to help with daily tasks through video calls. Although it may take a while to get a call, as they are distributed to the volunteer network on a first-answer basis, incredibly rewarding when you do. I was lucky enough to answer a call from a woman asking for assistance in reading a label for a recipe she was going to make. I walked her through turning a can of diced tomatoes around and read her the ingredient list. At the end of the call, she said a grateful goodbye that put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

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#2 - Charity Miles

Thinking of signing up for that charity 5k this weekend but have too much on your plate? If so, Charity Miles is for you!

Charity Miles tracks your daily workouts, donating $0.25 per mile for walking or running and $0.10 per mile for biking, to a charity of your choice. Backed by various corporate sponsors, you can donate your steps wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you. I’ve greatly enjoyed my experience with Charity Miles. Plus, having the app has made me more conscious about taking the time to get outside and exercise for a good cause, even if it’s just a mile a day!

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#3 - Donate A Photo (Johnson & Johnson)

Have too many photos on your camera roll to know what to do with? If so, Donate a Photo is for you!

Backed by Johnson & Johnson, Donate a Photo allows users to upload a photo a day for a good cause. For every photo donated, $1 is given to one of the many rotating causes Johnson & Johnson supports. By donating, you give Johnson & Johnson the rights to the photos, but you help someone in need, which makes it totally worth it! I’ve been lucky enough to use my photos to help newborns to breathe and children to smile.

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With so many convenient ways to give back, what are you waiting for? Let’s donate!