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Scenes from past Morgue trips. No live actors this year, but if you're like us - you'll still be super scared. (Image: Seattle Refined)

You're in for some scary fun at STAR 101.5's Georgetown Morgue

STAR 101.5's Georgetown Morgue might just be one of the scariest places in the Northwest; and we know firsthand!

A while back I went Full Zombie, layering my face with thick makeup and a scary costume. I even became part of the team here, frightening everybody who had the courage to walk in the Morgue Maze.

And last year, our Brandon Burnstead got into the mix at the Morgue. This place is ~spooky~.

This is the 27th year the Morgue has been scaring people from around the world, and this year's theme is "Georgetown Morgue Museum of Horror." But this Halloween is different, there are no actors because of the health crisis, just a skeleton crew helping keep the doors open.

"It’s been an interesting year," said owner Scott Kolling. "We are just trying to survive, trying to keep this business going. [We're] not going away - we’ve been here for a long time."

Kolling says the pandemic has forced them to think out of the box.

"The character of my people that have been with me for years, it’s been good. I’ve already scared somebody this morning, [it's] 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and we had a couple come in! They were excited about it," he said.

This year may not have actors, but get ready to be spooked. Morgue team member here have set up a trail of super scary stunts, you can't walk two feet without engaging with a ghosting.

"We’re going to get you," said Kolling. "We’ve been doing it for a long time, that’s why we’re still here. That’s why we’ve been able to grow an audience that has enjoyed us over the years, we want to get you the minute, second .I want a good scare out of you [and] there’s a way to do it."

It all starts with the "brain room" upstairs, above the Morgue.

"This is where we can keep an eye on people, make sure you’re enjoying the show plus we can get you quite a few times," he said. "I can hit a button and a monster could come out."

The Georgetown Morgue, the spirit of Halloween - the perfect place to escape during this weird year.

"I bet you know somebody who knows somebody who’s been here before," said Kolling proudly. "We’ve been here for a long time people tell you this is just a good way to get away from everything that’s going on. You can come down and just have an experience and get away from everything in life for a minute."

The Georgetown Morgue is located at 5000 E. Marginal Way S. in Seattle. More info on tickets, and COVID safety procedures online now.