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Alice in Wonderland Night! <a href="" target="_blank">(Image: @mandykatelane)</a>

This Mom throws epic Family Fun Nights, every week during quarantine

Every day you'll see Mandy Lane pounding the pavement. Running is her passion.

She had qualified for the Boston Marathon three times, but with our current health crisis the career event planner also runs wild inside her home, creating the coolest Friday Family These Nights around.

"I’m an extrovert," said Lane. "I like to talk to people, I like to entertain, I like to be creative. Running and [game nights] are related, [in] that they’re both outlets for that. I run in a running group and this is just another outlet for my social-ness."

For the last few months, Lane has gone the extra mile putting together a weekly theme night for just her family. It's really impressive. Like Jurassic Park, Newsies, Sandlot, Star Wars and Back To The Future - to name a few - she makes everything from scratch; from the costumes to the props.

"I try to buy as little as possible," she said. "I try to draw it around the house, make things - there are many themes that I spent $5 on. I think the most I’ve spent was $20."

Her inspiration comes from her favorite movies, books and board games like The Classic, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory and the infamous purple jacket worn by Gene Wilder in the original film. She made one special for her husband.

"Working at home with the kiddos, it can be pretty hard keep things exciting. For him, he doesn’t get to play with his friends - [so] we look forward to this every week, it gives us an adventure to look forward to and now he’s into it, comes up with a theme and helps us - from dinosaurs to Pok√©mon - it’s been a lot of fun!" said Lane.

This week's them? Game Night, where you'll find tons of popular board games from years part, and more current ones too. Most folks don't have a Clue what it takes to put these fun Friday nights on, but one thing is for sure - no quarantine will slow down Lane's action! And it's giving inspiration to others too...

"I put the story on Instagram, I put notes on it invariably the next morning I have friends all around the country all around the world actually on social media saying I love this I love that movie this made me so happy this made me smile in a terrible week and if you want to inspire themselves I think they are inspired to think of something happy something positive given the state that we’re in the world right now anything that makes people happy and makes them laugh and feel positive is a good thing."