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Kathi and Dan worked together for 27 years before Kathi passed away in 2012 of brain tumors. (Image: KOMO News)

From Dan to Kathi: My favorite photos

If you know KOMO 4 News, then you know Dan Lewis. And if you know Dan Lewis, then you know Kathi Goertzen.

Kathi and Dan worked together as co-anchors at KOMO for 27 years, before Kathi was diagnosed with brain tumors in 1998. After 14 years of fighting hard, she passed away in August of 2012.

"Gone but not forgotten" has never been as applicable as with KOMO and Kathi, especially in regards to her longtime partner Dan. Whether it's the background image on his Facebook page, or his multiple #TBTs or #FBFs of their years together, Dan continues to bring her presence into the newsroom she inhabited for so many years.

Now, looking at the last couple of days of his own career, Dan is giving one final KOMO 4 tribute to his friend, by selling prints of his favorite pictures (taken by him), with all proceeds going to the Kathi Goertzen Foundation.

Dan has become quite a photographer in the last few years, taking and sharing his pictures online with viewers and fans - and getting great feedback! He's chosen 22 of his personal favorites to offer for sale.

Prints are $35 ($45 if you want them signed), will all proceeds going to fund brain cancer research.