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First Glimpse: Ancient warriors are moving in next door

The Warriors are here!

We've partnered with Pacific Science Center for their newest exhibit Terracotta Warriors, opening April 8. Just in case you need to brush up on your Chinese history (we sure did) - the infamous terracotta warriors were discovered surrounding the tomb of China's first warrior in 1974. It's estimated the warriors were built and then buried in three different pits around Emperor Qin Shi Huang when he passed in 210 B.C.

So far it's estimated the army consists of more than 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots, 670 horses and additional figures like acrobats, government officials and musicians.

Obviously the entire army can't be transported to Seattle, but over 100 artifacts can - and will - be on display from that collection at the science center through September 4, 2017.

As partners we got a sneak preview this week before it opens to the public next Thursday, April 8 - check out the gallery for some of the first artifacts being unveiled!