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First birth of twin red pandas at the zoo in 29 years!

It's twins!

The Woodland Park Zoo announced that two sister red panda cubs were born last week for the first time in nearly three decades! The twin cubs are babies to their mumsie, Hazel, and their daddio, Yukiko.

Red pandas AKA the lesser panda, the red bear-cat and the red cat-bear (because you can never have too many names), share the name of giant pandas but resemble raccoons. Recent studies suggest that they are closely related to skunks, weasels and raccoons, who woulda thunk it!

The cat-bear bear-cats are an endangered species with fewer than 10,000 red pandas that remain in their native habitat of bamboo forests in China, the Himalayas and Myanmar. The extinction is accelerating because of deforestation, increased agriculture, cattle grazing and continuing pressure from growing local populations.

But back to the good news - we have two new borns at the zoo! Mazel tov!