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(Image: Seattle Refined).

Bangers, mash, tarts, oh my! Visit the British Pantry in Redmond

Seattle Refined's own John Prentice met with British Pantry co-owner Alvia Redmen to help you make your Royal Wedding viewing party smashing, darling.

“People have been coming in to order all their tarts and so forth for their watch parties," said Redmen.

Loyal customer of 40 years, Mildrid Mitchell didn't think twice about where she would get her wedding day feast.

“My British friend and my American friend are coming over at 2 a.m. and I’m buying my sausages here. We’re going to have an English breakfast.”

If you didn't snag an invite to the big day, the Royal Wedding will be on the tellie at the British Pantry all day...cheers!

"This is lovely, it really is like going home and being in a little old fashioned shop," said British Pantry lover Anita Wright

So throw on your fascinator, down some bangers and mash, and don't be a flibbertigibbet and be sure to check out the full story above.