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A decorated mocha from Seattle's Storyville Coffee. (Image: Rebecca Mongrain/Seattle Refined)

Feel the buzz? Seattle named Best Coffee City in America

SEATTLE -- Seattle has a nationwide reputation for being Coffee Town USA, and now a study confirms we're worthy of the crown.

WalletHub researched 14 indicators of "coffee lover-friendliness" among the top 100 cities in the U.S. and found Seattle tops the charts, just edging our Northwest neighbor Portland, which posted a strong No. 2 showing. San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles rounded out the Top 5 while Laredo, Texas ranked last in the study.

Seattle scored particularly well in the category "Most Affordable Coffee Shops, Coffee Houses & Cafes Rated 4.5+ stars per Capita", tying with San Diego, San Francisco and Portland for tops in the nation. And the joke goes around here that you can find two coffee shops on every corner and while that might not be literally true (it's just on *most* corners), we also tied for first among "Most Coffee Shops, Coffee Houses & Cafe's Per Capita."

Keeping with the "scoring well in the per capita categories", Seattle finished first among coffee and tea manufacturers per capita. In the more oddball categories, Seattle was 5th among cities who Googled "coffee". We fared the worst in "average price per pack of Coffee" which at $5.61 ranked 77th, and the average price of a Cappuccino at $4.04, ranking 69th.

The study was published in advance of the upcoming National Coffee Day on Sept. 29.

Although apparently in Seattle, every day is Coffee Day!