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(Image: John Prentice)

Father's Day: DIY Playhouse Build

"Thanks Dad!"

I'm still relatively new to this whole fatherhood thing, but from the small amount of experience I do have, I can say I'm more thankful than ever for the effort my mom and dad, grandparents and everyone who took care of me as a kid put into raising me. Because raising a toddler of my own has taught me...

It's a lot of work.

I'm not usually one for mushy feelings, but in my humble opinion, Father's Day is a perfect opportunity to tell your dad you love him (I love you Dad) and be thankful for the affection and guidance your parents have given you. My wife and I are trying our best to give our son that same care and attention. Striving to raise a good person who'll be kind, compassionate and caring.

I have a lot of awesome memories playing in the yard as a kid and a central part of those childhood games was my playhouse. It was built by my grandpa and could be anything my imagination dreamed up, like a moonbase, drive-through burger-joint, workshop or corner store. I wanted to give my son the same opportunity I had for imaginative play so, I built him a playhouse from some old lumber I had laying around and some goodies from my father-in-laws stash.

Watch the video above to take a look.

Happy Fathers' Day!