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Farm to dog-bowl: How a Seattleite's supplement helped save her dog

Warning: this story features adorable dogs, an abundance of kale and a very happy endingCan you imagine anything more quintessentially 'Seattle' than a healthy food supplement for dogs made from organic kale and coconut oil and handcrafted with love in a tiny production facility among the boatyards of Salmon Bay? No, neither can we. But this story is a lot more than a hipster cliché.Also in true Seattle fashion, Kelley Marian, the owner of Green Juju Kitchen, is handcrafting a thriving business! Seattle's dog owners are seeing the incredible health benefits her supplements bring for their pooches, and can't get enough.Kelley's heartwarming story began in 2013 when her beloved labrador Bailey was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and given seven months to live.Kelley, who at the time ran a dog-walking business, was devastated, and started researching everything she could about holistic nutrition for dogs. She discovered that they are not carnivores, but omnivores, and when able to roam in fields and grasslands will naturally gnaw on grass and plants to get some greens into their diets.Unfortunately our city dogs don't often have this opportunity. Adding whole vegetables to their diets doesn't work, as dogs don't have the teeth to grind down the vegetables. So Kelley, who was already into juicing for herself, started mixing up a supplement for Bailey made from blended greens. She worked with canine nutritionist Patti Howard to perfect her recipe, adding anti-inflammatory ginger and turmeric, zucchini, celery and lemons, coconut oil and bone broth to her proprietary puree of kale, parsley and dandelion greens.The supplement seemed to work. Although Bailey unfortunately lost her leg, the cancer stopped spreading and now, fourteen months later (to the amazement of her vets) she is a picture of bounding health, with a glossy coat and sparkling eyes. Bailey's cute little French bulldog sister Bambi was also given the supplement and both dogs saw other health improvements, with skin allergies, urinary tract infections and ear infections now a thing of the past.Kelley started giving her supplement to friends' dogs and the anecdotal feedback of dramatic health improvements was the same. In January 2014, Kelley sold her dog-walking business and started producing her supplement full-time - it's now available to buy in 20 Seattle-area pet shops, with plans to expand further in Washington, and out of state along the West Coast. She produces her basic blend year round and has also introduced seasonal variations.Kelley is keen to ensure that the quality of Green Juju is as high as possible, and to that end has secured a plot at the Seattle Urban Farm in Woodinville where she and a friend are aiming to grow 70% of the vegetables used in her blends. And what do the dogs think of it all? Well Bailey and Bambi are certainly fans. While I was there, they both scarfed down their food with the added Green Juju and made sure the bowls were licked very clean. This human was almost jealous.
Green Juju is a whole food supplement made from fresh, local, organic produce that provides essential nutrients to support canine immune systems, target specific ailments and contribute to optimal health. Green Juju is beneficial whether you feed your pup kibble, raw food, a home cooked diet, or something in between. Scroll down on the home page to find a list of Seattle area stockists.