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Jenny Keller of Jenny Cookies spilled her secrets on throwing a lovely laid back Oscar Party. (Photo Credit: Kelly Clare Photography)

Expert Tips for Throwing a Lovely Laid-Back Oscar Party

Forget about fancy clothes and gourmet grub. Jenny Keller says keep it simple!

"For a great Academy Awards party you need great food, great cookies and great friends."

The author of 'Eat More Dessert' and owner of Jenny Cookies Bake Shop spilled her secrets on throwing a lovely laid-back Oscar soiree.

The dress code set the stage.

"Everybody at the Academy Awards party is coming in their cozies," said Keller with a twinkle in her eye.

So what to serve all her pajama-clad guests? It's all about the board.

First up - Keller assembled a traditional charcuterie board.

"I always start with the cheeses," she said. "And I'll just kind of cut them up into smaller pieces. And then spread them sporadically around the board."

Keller chose a variety of hand and soft cheeses.

Once you place the cheeses. It's time to add the meat.

"Your next step is meats and thus can get a little messy," Keller said laughing. "You're gonna roll them up again just so it's easy to grab."

After you fold in some salami, it's time to add some crackers. Keller placed crackers with different shapes and textures over the board.

"Then we need to add fruit," explained Keller. Blood oranges, grapes and strawberries rounded out the board.

The final step: nuts. "Nuts are kind of like the sprinkles on a charcuterie board," Keller explained.

The end result-- a colorful and delicious charcuterie board to nosh all while watching The Academy Awards.

Next up... some sweets to nibble on.

"We have to have dessert always," said Keller. "I'm gonna make a charTREATerie board!" According to Keller, any board will do.

First she added some sweet tips on bowls including Cookie and Cocoa Swirl, Cocoa Almond Spread, Cookie Butter and Caramel Sauce.

"So then we're just gonna fill these little bowls first and kind of place them sporadically around your board," said Keller.

Next, Keller added different types of cookies including flat brownies, Nilla Wafers and shortbread stars.

"It's so quick and it's just like the more whimsical the better," Keller exclaimed. "I've got star cookies here cause I'm rooting for A Star is Born."

The finished product was a gorgeous tray stockpiled with sweets.

Speaking of sweets-- cookies are Jenny Keller's passion... so she created an easy Oscar-inspired cookie that anyone can make.

"It's really easy to do you just pull a template online of the award. Then you're just going to hand cut it with a paring knife, bake it and then I'm gonna show you how to decorate it."

First, fill a piping bag with frosting. Keller suggests holding it in your dominant hand.

"Then you're just gonna outline your cookie you can start wherever you want." Next, fill in the outline by going back and forth with the icing.

Then the fun part!

"We're gonna just dip it into a plate of sanding sugar to make it look like solid gold," said Keller with a grin.

The gold Oscar cookies are adorable on their own. Keller said you can also give them an upgrade.

"We took an extra step here and put them on pedestals here. You could do that you just bake a circle to go along with it and then use black candy, melts in the microwave and then you're just gonna stand it on the base."

Other party details included glasses of rose colored wine or non-alcoholic juice with a special star themed lollipop placed inside. Keller also gave all her guests a take-away gift: a cozy blanket.

The friends gathered together on the couch with the charcuterie and charTREATerie boards, as well as the handmade cookies-- within reach.

The real winners at this Academy Awards party... were Keller's guests!

For more great party ideas, check out the Jenny Cookies website and visit the Jenny Cookies Bake Shop in Lake Stevens. Photos for Jenny Keller's Oscar Party courtesy of Kelly Clare Photography.