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Baxter, the industrial robot, is programmed to be able to do several tasks at once. (Image: Joshua Lewis | Seattle Refined)

Experience the Past and Future of Computer Tech at Living Computers: Museum + Labs

“It is possible,” writes the founder of Living Computers: Museum + Labs, “that no other technology on earth has so continually renewed itself as computer technology.”

Paul G. Allen should know: as the co-founder of Microsoft, he’s well aware of the rapid progress and swift succession that dominate the field of computer engineering and technology.

Visit Seattle’s Living Computers: Museum + Labs (LCM+L) to experience these remarkable innovations first hand and actually use computers from the 1960s to the present. LCM+L honors the history behind artifacts like supercomputers, mainframes, minicomputers and microcomputers by restoring them to working condition and preserving them for future generations to enjoy.

A new main gallery offers interactive experiences with robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, digital art and big data; as well as workshops exploring the Internet of Things and video-game making. A special temporary exhibit on technology in education gives visitors a change to explore the PLATO terminal and revisit The Oregon Trail.

Whether you’re a total computer geek eager to experience the revolutionary technologies of yesterday or a regular Joe curious about the future of computing, LCM+L presents a unique opportunity for learning, exploration and discovery that the whole family will enjoy. Learn more at