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LUZIA will show King County’s Marymoor Park in Redmond from March 30 - May 21. (Image: Luzia)

Experience LUZIA – A Waking Dream of Mexico – Under the Big Top

Cirque du Soleil is beloved for its artful blending of acrobatics, visual arts, conceptual narratives and music, and the company’s LUZIA promises to dazzle. The Seattle run of the show was [luckily] extended due to high demand, so you can still score tickets even this late in the game. LUZIA will show King County’s Marymoor Park in Redmond from March 30 through the new, extended date of May 21. Here’s what all the buzz is about:

The Show
Light (“luz” in Spanish) and rain (“lluvia”) fall on an imaginary Mexico that’s alive with creative collisions and vibrant spirit. A poetic and acrobatic ode to Mexican culture, the tableaux of the LUZIA fuse influences like the surrealist movement, the majesty of Mexico’s natural wonders, the mythologies of its people and the designs of its avant-garde architects into an extraordinary mosaic that transports viewers to a place somewhere between dreams and reality.

The Performers
LUZIA features 44 performers from a variety of artistic disciplines. Their skills transcend the divisions between different kinds of performance, blending elements of aerial silks, trapeze, contortionism, breakdancing, football (soccer to those of us in the U.S.!), water acrobatics, song and dance. The dramatic feats of the performers are sure to delight younger show-goes, while the richness of the LUZIA concept will keep older audience members intrigued.

The Company
LUZIA is Cirque du Soleil’s 38th original production since its first big tour in 1984. Since its founding, Cirque du Soleil has delighted over 160 million people in over 400 different cities across six different continents. Best known for its dramatic mix of circus arts, street performance, costume design and original music, this Canadian-based company has truly redefined the circus for modern viewers.

The Contest
If you want to experience the magic of LUZIA, you’re in luck! Seattle Refined is offering you a chance to win two tickets to the April 12th performance. To learn more and enter, visit