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'Play or Be Played' at Seattle Rep's newest show

So often, great drama puts a mirror up to our society and allows us to see ourselves just a little bit clearer. And that's just what the new play Dry Powder does to the world of high finance at Seattle Repertory Theatre.

"I think the play is really about the morality and the ethics around high finance in the United States currently," said Shawn Belyea, who plays Rick in the show.

"The play really starts with me bringing in a new idea for a company that we can grow, maintain jobs in the U.S., that is immediately undercut by my rival, Jenny, who is trying to find a way to gut the company and get a higher return," continued MJ Sieber, who plays Seth.

Dry Powder, a dark comedy starring just four actors, dives into the world of those who have the power to manipulate our country's economy.

"There's something really wonderful about and relevant about really being able to dig down deep into what has set up our financial system in the U.S.," explained Sieber. "What's working and what isn't? And to see at the core of it is people. And what are the decisions, what are the driving factors that cause people to put money over the interest of lives?"

"It's a really great ride," said Belyea. "You get a lot of interesting stuff, but it's a lot of fun and I think a very unique take on it."

Dry Powder runs through April 15. Get your tickets here.