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Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey on Grey's Anatomy. (Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

Dr. Bailey from 'Grey's Anatomy' is just as cool IRL as you think she'd be

The city was abuzz. Social media was going berserk. Fans were lining up to get a photo of them.

Who is 'them'? Almost the entire cast of ABC's hit television show, "Grey's Anatomy" came up to Seattle earlier this summer to shoot some scenes for their upcoming season.

And while we couldn't talk about it at the time (we had to wait until the season premiered), we got lucky enough to snag one-on-one interviews with some of the key cast members!!!

!!!! I know!!!!

One of the actors we were the most excited to talk to was Chandra Wilson, who plays the beloved Miranda Bailey on the show. And sometimes that can be scary - what if Wilson isn't as great as Bailey, and the whole show is ruined for us?!

No worries there. Wilson is a GEM. We caught up with her on a break from filming by Gas Works Park.

"Apparently we came at the exact right weather mark!" Wilson said, on the near perfect Seattle weather we were experiencing. "It's always like being on a field trip."

Even as the show enters it's 14th season - almost unheard of in the television world - Wilson and the cast seem properly shocked.

"It’s a whole new deal that we never could have anticipated but are very appreciative of," she said. "We feel so fortunate to be starting a season 14. That’s beyond any dream you can have for any show."

One of the main reasons the show continues to succeed is their commitment to key characters who have been there since day one. Bailey is one of those characters.

"The number one reason is I continuously enjoy Miranda Bailey [is that] she never ceases to amaze me," said Wilson of her character. "She never disappoints me. I never know what’s going to come out of her mouth, and that’s what’s really exciting."

But Wilson is not just an actor in the series - she's also directing her 17th and 18th shows this season.

"I love playing with my actors. I love being able to bring to live the words of the show," she gusges. "The personal challenges that I’ve been able to face as far as becoming a director for series television is something that I never would have thought of for myself!"

It's a whole new way of seeing the episode, other than from one character's point of view.

"Visually it just expands my mind on how to get the audience to see a story," said Wilson. "It's up to you as a director what you want them to see, so that decision-making is very interesting to me and to see it come together in the editing room its like 'Yea, yea! That’s what I wanted them to feel, that’s what I wanted them to see, that’s what’s really exciting."

But back to Bailey. Wonderful, pushy, sensitive Miranda Bailey.

"I think the most interesting thing about today’s Miranda Bailey is she is exactly who she thought she was during the pilot!" Wilson laughs. "Which says that all that stuff she was saying in the pilot she had no business saying - she shouldn’t have been acting like that, she shouldn’t have been treating the interns like that cause she was in no position to do that."

For those who aren't caught up with the show, Miranda Bailey is now Chief - but she definitely wasn't in the pilot.

"As far as the audience is concerned I think that’s a real full-circle moment," she said. "To watch somebody who from the beginning aspired to be in a place, to have a certain job and to watch her be able to achieve that is like their achievement as well. I think that’s been kind of cool to go on that journey with her."

It's true. Did anyone else find themselves rooting hard for Bailey to become chief during that whooooole will-she-won't-she storyline last season?

"You know that Bailey always thinks she's right about everything so if theres a conflict it's only because the other person is getting on board, whether its her marriage or her coworkers," said Wilson.

But we've all seen a softer side of Bailey since her relationship with Ben Warren.

"Bailey and Ben come from a place that is a given - that they’re going to be together - that’s just all there is to it," she said. "He’s the guy that stays, he’s the guy that fights it out, he’s the guy that steps back and takes a breath too and meet her step for step."

So what can viewers expect for Season 14? The same drive from all the characters.

"We are surgeons and we are hungry surgeons and that never goes away, no matter what positions we take in the hospital," said Wilson. "So when we get a chance to actually be in that room, doing that work I think that’s where each of the characters are most comfortable."

Grey's Anatomy premiers September 28, 2017 on KOMO 4, 8 p.m. PST.