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Dog Whisperer takes on the case of the complicated corgi

We know you all love your dogs as if they're your children. And, we here at Refined want to help you and your pooch live your best lives. But, we know even the best dog has its quirks. That's where Seattle's dog whisperer comes in. Today, she's on a mission to help out Hector, a corgi in need of a new leash on life.

His reactions are very strange," explained Heather Camm, owner of Hector. "He does this thing where he turns around and just starts pulling the leash and yanking it. Sometimes he'll jump up in the air really high."

Heather and Eric Camm brought Hector home as a puppy about three years ago.

"After the first few months of having him, we started to experience some issues walking him and interacting with other dogs," continued Heather. "We've taken him to various dog trainers, we've spent lots of money and we've not seen a ton of improvement. So at this point, we're not really sure what else we can do."

Not to worry, Heather! We know just who to call. We want you to meet our Refined dog whisperer, Aly DelaCoeur. She's owns "Why Does My Dog," a website offering tips and tricks for dog owners looking for help.

Aly met with Heather and Hector in their Queen Anne home to learn more about Hector's issues and help Heather come up with some solutions. From there, they all set out for walk, allowing Aly to see Hector in action and demonstrate a new routine to ease the stress for both dog and owner.

To see Aly's session with Heather and Hector, check out the video above.

Does your dog have an issue you want help with? Would you like to meet with our Refined Dog Whisperer for a consultation? Send us the issue you'd like help with, along with a photo of you and your dog, to and you just might find yourself featured on Seattle Refined.