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Will Moxie and Oakley every get along??

Dog Whisperer cracks the case of the old pooch & the precocious pup

Here at Refined, we are in love with Seattle, we love the people, we love the food and we even love the weather. But one of the things we love most of all... is how much people here adore their pets. Seattle is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the U.S. And here at Refined, we are on a mission to help YOU and your dog live your best life together. We asked our viewers to send in their biggest doggie dilemmas, and boy did we ever hear from you! Today's problem... a May/December canine romance on the rocks.

"Bringing home Oakley had been a big adjustment for me," said Megan Sosne. "But, it's also been a lot for my older dog to process.

Megan Sosne recently brought home a new addition to the family, an eight-week-old puppy named Oakley. But, not everyone is in love with the adorable bundle of joy. Just ask Megan's other day, 11-year-old Moxie.

"Oakley's really smart," explained Megan. "So, she can tell the older one doesn't want to play with her. She'll try to initiate play, and then my older dog hasn't been aggressive with her, but definitely lets her know that she's not interested."

What's an owner to do?!

"I would like some tips on how to get them adjusted to each other," continued Megan. "And, just some ways that I can kind of make sure my older dog doesn't feel too neglected."

When Megan reached out to Refined with her doggie dilemma, we knew it was a perfect case for Aly DelaCoeur, owner of "Why Does My Dog?" Aly came up with a plan to help Moxie and Oakley find the path to friendship. We checked in with Megan a couple of weeks after meeting Aly, and it sounds like things are going great! Check it all out in the video above.

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