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Gemma and Matthew are dating, living and loving life in Seattle. Alex followed them on a Mt. Baker hike and documented their infectious energy, frolicking on a mountain top. (Image: Alexandra Celia / Seattle Refined)

Documenting Love: Gemma and Matthew's Story

*Note from Seattle Refined: We could not be more excited that photographer/blogger/genius Alexandra Celia is joining our team here at Seattle Refined. She has devoted her career to documenting love in its purest and most original form - which you'll see in her photos. Every now and then she will share her work with couples: their love story, their commitment, their passion....and of course, their photos. Think of her as our Love Guru. She loves love, and is here to share it with the rest of us. First up, the story of Gemma and Matthew - as told to each other.


"I remember the first time I saw Gemma. She went bounding out of a red Uber car, flying full speed under her wild hair wearing a plaid flannel and had the widest smile on her beautiful face. I was immediately attracted to her easy-going demeanor, she can laugh at herself, see the beauty in silly things. I was drawn to her confidence, her charm, and I could immediately tell she thirsted for a life opposite the grain of everyone else. And that, that was what drew me in the most.

She's a wild kind of magic."


"I admire Matthew's warm heart. His love for the world, and all of the people, places, and things on it. He has a natural ability to genuinely connect and make those around him feel comfortable and welcomed in any situation. He radiates good vibes, and will change this world for the better with his (com)passion. The first thing that attracted me to him was his eye contact. He looked straight into my eyes and smiled, beaming and infectious. We were at a friends dinner gathering over the summer and he suggested we make tacos then eat them while watching the sunset...he had me at tacos."


"Gemma is the single sweetest woman you will ever meet in your journey on this planet. She is a baby whisperer, a puppy whisperer, I'm pretty sure flowers bloom where her feet land when she walks down even the grimiest of Seattle streets. She holds space for even the weirdest people in her heart, the broken, the beaten, and the damned can all seek refuge in her presence. Angelic, i swear to you.

But what I truly admire in Gemma is her ability to put her foot down when necessary. In the same breath she can rise up, speak up, and take a stand for her own beliefs, even if she is the solitary thought on that train. She refuses to hold any space for falsities in relationship; if you're not showing up fully, you're out. Life is too short to hold on to what does not serve you. She can make a fool of herself publicly with such grace, laugh about it and move on, and will be a solid foundation for anyone who needs a hand up. Her fight and her fire runs deep, it runs hot; but her love and nurturing runs hotter and deeper. I'm only ever humbled she calls me hers."


"I admire his wit and curiosity...whether a pressing global issue, a new delicious recipe to try, or video of golden retriever puppies on YouTube, he is always open-minded to expanding and sharing his scope of life. I admire his playfulness and love of adventure. To see a person light up just as much as you do when daydreaming of where to travel, and someone that can laugh wholeheartedly without judgement at themselves (or at me), that is beautiful. This list could go on, but I'm getting mushier than day old cereal :)"


"I love the jasmine scent of her hair, I get lost in her smile, the lines of her face, the softness of her hips, her long, gentle curves, her sweet, soft kisses, the strength of her laugh, all of it. It's all sexy to me. My mind goes back to watching this smiling beauty dancing out of an uber car that day, and being lucky to stand by her side as she dances through life. Or rather, dance through this life with her.

I appreciate Alexandra's practice of capturing these moments between couples. Gemma and mines' work we do to connect, to commit, to play and entangle and dance and learn and grow.. it's all internal for us. We feel it, and we love that feeling. But having a chance to see that fire that others see. To physically look at the electricity flying out of us and melting the snow we stand on, as us two gypsies dance through life.. thank you. It has only been a wonderful day to play. Cheers to many more...(and hopefully warmer ones.)"