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(Image: Sunita Martini / Seattle Refined)

Inside the little-known speakeasy hidden behind a storefront in downtown Seattle

In the mood to shop? Grab a drink with a friend? Support local businesses? DTE is all that and a bag of ridiculously awesome clothes.

Justin Kercher, owner of Do the Extraordinary, (DTE) has a life story that lives up to his chic retail shop’s name. After receiving a cancer diagnosis, Kercher quit his job as a stock broker to pursue his artistic passions. Starting by creating rings, bracelets, beanies and snoods, (a scarf/hood combo that snazzes up any outfit), his pieces were so good that Etsy made him prove he was in fact, the one making them. His expertly hand-crafted jewelry/apparel brought him from making items in a friend’s garage, to a storefront in Tacoma, and finally landing one of Seattle’s most sought after retail locations on Olive and 6th in the heart of downtown.

“We’ve become so disconnected from where our things came from,” said Kercher, referring to the fact that all his apparel from accessories to ponchos are made in-house. “Everyone’s always so surprised to hear that we make everything upstairs.”

The coolest part of DTE isn’t just the handmade lifestyle brand consisting of all black, white, and grey clothes, or the old bank vault lounge in the back by the dressing room, but the secret speakeasy attached to the store - Blind Tiger.

This amazing spot is semi-hidden behind the perfectly curated floor display, creating an immersive shopping experience that promotes anti-consumerism and creates a space for people to share each other’s stories over their favorite drink. The concrete floors, industrial ceilings, and art by local artists on the walls makes it the perfect vibey backdrop for your next event or Instagram post.

“Anyone can go buy a t-shirt online,” says Kercher, “I want to give people a reason not only to shop, but to stay and hang out.”

Former Seahawk Sean Alexander helped launch DTE years ago, supporting the edgy, urban designs. The cotton basics have everything you need for every season of our PNW climate, with an effortlessly cool look to each of their pieces - perfect for the fashion-conscience Seattleite.

Next time you’re on the corner of Olive and 6th, make sure to stop in to say hi, level up on your wardrobe, and experience one of the dopest lifestyle brands around.