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Shutterflies: Four fierce female photographers making waves in Seattle

While many many claim photography as a hobby, it takes an extremely talented, driven and passionate person to actually make a living out of it! There are four ladies in and around the Seattle area who are working hard, and making it (and their clients) look damn good.

Maryatt Photography - Family Portraits & More

Emily Maryatt is quickly becoming one of Seattle’s most sought-after photographers simply because her work is that good! Not only does she make each client feel comfortable in her own skin, she’s versatile with everything from family portraits, boudoir shots, to an edgy lifestyle vibe. After 10 years in the fashion industry, Emily has an eye for what looks the best across the board and that comes across in your shots.

Working with Emily is seamless. Nervous about a boudoir shoot? Emily will give you glass of wine to make you comfortable. Not sure what to do with your hands? Emily will direct and guide your movements to get the best shots possible. Worried about your kids not sitting still? Emily gets amazing action shots, fully capturing life at that particular moment.

From putting her own creative stamp on each photo, to how quickly you get images back, and how easily she captures unique, genuine moments of simplistic beauty, the shots you get back are truly flawless. Book with her now while you still have the chance!!

Stephanie Severance w/ Nikki Cloud - Fashion & Editorial

Stephanie and Nikki are the quintessential dream team duo!! I had the privilege of working with these two on a recent shoot for my upcoming album and they are the perfect pair. With Nikki handling the styling and making clients looking their best with various looks, Stephanie shoots every step. Their friendship spills over into their work, making sure all client needs are met while having fun in the meantime!

Stephanie, bouncing between New York, LA, and Seattle, has shot for multiple publications like Free People and loves workings with artists of all kinds. Her style captures strong sexuality while blending in the grit of the environments that surround her. She shoots bands, artists, portraits and everything in between. She loves to work on concept shoots and can help with creative direction if the client is stuck.

Nikki, combines her love of styling, art direction, and social media to create relevant and captivating imagery for fashion and lifestyle brands. I sent Nikki some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe which she turned into a combination of my authentic style with pieces she brought to the shoot. Some from her own Seattle-based store, Native Cloud, and some from other stores in the area to create the perfect blend of various looks. With these two ladies running the show, you can sit back, relax, and know they will make you look your absolute best! And the best part is if you fall in love with the look, you can purchase any items right then and there to keep you looking banging after the pictures are taken.

Sunita “Sunny” Martini - Live Moments, music, and more:

Sunny wants to make you look like a rock star. Making her way to the Pacific Northwest just a few short years ago, Sunny dove head first into Seattle’s legendary music scene and decided put her photog skills to use, capturing incredible live moments forever on film, or at least on a digital memory card. We have to be open here - Sunny is a regular here at Seattle Refined and we ADORE her. In fact, if you've seen a pupper on our website - it's almost definitely been shot by Sunny.

Sunny has quickly made a name for herself and you might have seen her work on Seattle Music News, KEXP, various radio stations, and of course... Seattle Refined! While you’ll probably find her at shows clad in one of her favorite black hoodies – no matter the weather – she can also be found hunting local restaurants for her next @baconmartini fix or home editing with her cat #EppleyJas on her lap.

Alexandra Celia - Weddings, Couples, and anything love related!

Alexandra is ferociously passionate about catching the intimate moments that couples share. Her purpose behind her camera is to tell and emotional story that can be cherished for years to come. Being a traveling photographer, Alexandra finds her home in Seattle and loves the diversity in shooting locations. In fact, Alexandra was the muse behind our weekly Documenting Love series, and she continues to contribute to Refined at least once a month.

“For engagement sessions,” says Celia, “or even sometimes when couples are still searching for the perfect venue, I love to help them choose a place that reflects their relationship and the love they have for one another..even if it means driving five hours north to Cape Flattery or pushing through the crowds at Pike Place. The photo spots are endless.”

If you have a significant other you want to capture some amazing memories with from your wedding to a day trip, Alexandra is who you want with you!