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Image: Seattle Refined

Crackle, Hiss, Pop. Vintage Hi-Fi for all!

You've read it in the paper and heard it on TV. Vinyl is alive and well. And, according to the people who keep track of this sort of thing, record sales are the highest they've been in more than 20 years. But you can't play a record without a record player. And whether you're looking for the latest and greatest audio gear, a perfectly restored vintage turntable or someone to fix up the Hi-Fi sitting in your basement, Hawthorne Stereo near the U-District delivers.

“We love Turntables. We sell turntables. We’ve got... classic German Thorens here we’ve got the Tecnics 1200. Fully restored this is the gold-standard DJ table from the last thirty years. Every DJ uses these,” says Matthew Counts.

He works at Hawthorne Stereo and says their "used room" is packed with everything you need to build your own vintage Hi-Fi system. From high-end to bare-bones, they have the speakers, receivers, EQ equipment and tuners to suit your needs and budget. In stock and ready to rock.

“The store dates back to the 40’s actually" Matt says. "It was in the Hawthorn district of Portland in the 70’s... we moved up to Seattle in the 80’s and we’ve been at this location for 20 years.”

Andrew Volk and his Buddy Clyde Platt roam through the isles, oogling the vacuum-tube laden audio gear.

“When I walk in here I feel like I’m walking back in time.” Andrew says. “I think its great. And I noticed this store has survived, there used to be all these other stores. Magnolia Hi-Fi and others and this place is still here. This place is different.”

Matt says one thing that sets Hawthorne Stereo apart from other audio shops in the area is their ability to service what they sell, with a full stock of replacement tubes, needles, turntable belts and other hard to find spare parts.

Hawthorne Stereo is open seven days a week and located at 6303 Roosevelt Way NE in Seattle.