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Easy tips and techniques for organizing from Seattle Goodwill's DIY Guy Gary Foy <p></p>

Control the clutter with budget friendly finds from Goodwill

A new year means a fresh start and an opportunity to control the clutter around your home! Seattle Goodwill's DIY Guy, Gary Foy, has some ingenious solutions to stashing and stowing all your stuff that won't break the bank!

DIY Christmas Ornament Storage

  • Buy a large plastic tote, glue gun and scissors at Goodwill. You'll also need a cardboard box and plastic cups.
  • Cut a piece of cardboard smaller then the bottom of the plastic tote.
  • Use hot glue to affix cups to cardboard.
  • Place ornaments inside cups.
  • Repeat to add another layer of ornaments.

Easy Holiday Light Storage

  • Buy plastic hangers at Goodwill.
  • Wrap holiday light strands around them for no-tangle storage.

From File Cabinet to Nightstand

  • Transform a file cabinet into a tech-friendly night stand for your cell phone and tablets.
  • Buy a wooden file cabinet and desk supplies (like a desk caddy) at Goodwill.
  • Sand it and paint it with white chalk paint.
  • Distress the cabinet with sand paper.
  • Add desk supplies inside drawers and hide electronics inside.

Organizing the Dreaded Dresser

  • Buy dividers at Goodwill and place socks inside.
  • Instead of folding tee-shirts, roll tee-shirts with graphic side up so you can see what you have.
  • Roll up yoga paints instead of stacking them for easy access.

Controlling Kid's Clutter

  • Buy an open shelf, small bins and containers and binder holders at Goodwill.
  • Organize likes with likes (for example legos with legos) and put in containers. Place puzzles and games on the top shelf and place action figures and dolls into the binder holders for easy access.

Storing Outdoor Gear

  • Buy a wooden bench and plastic tool caddies at Goodwill.
  • Sand and paint the bench with white chalk paint
  • Distress the bench with sand paper.
  • Put gardening supplies and barbecue tools inside caddies and place in bench.