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(Image: Family of Hunter Rose Jones)

Hunter Rose Jones: Child cancer survivor, YouTube Star

"A lot of kids don't make it. Hunter Rose Jones is one of the lucky ones."

During a routine dental cleaning, Hunter Rose's dentist noticed a bump in the then 4-year-old's mouth.

"It only took a week for a cancer diagnosis and treatment to begin" said her dad, Jay. "We were told that Hunter Rose had high risk stage four neuroblastoma. Childhood cancer wasn't even on our radar at all, she didn't have any symptoms."

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Jay called it a "family diagnosis."

"She spent more than 150 days in the hospital, " he said. "Our friends and family stepped up to help us with our older son, Reeder. We were all in survival mode."

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The next three years would be filled with treatments and sleepless nights.

"5 cycles of chemo, 2 tumor removal surgeries, 12 rounds of radiation, 2 stem cell transplants, 6 months of immuno therapy" he said. But despite everything, Hunter Rose had an amazing attitude.

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"She was so strong, she would even put her own feeding tube in and take it out. She would do all her scans awake, which is really unheard of."

To pass the time Hunter Rose found joy and distraction watching YouTube, her favorite star being Steven Sharer. She told her dad that when she beat this thing, she wanted to start her own YouTube channel to inspire others, the way Sharer had inspired her.

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"So in January of 2018 when we got the news that treatment was working, she said, 'Alright Dad, let's get going on this YouTube channel!'"

That's how "Princess Rosie's Kingdom" started. It's a YouTube channel that's all about family fun - with Hunter Rose taking center stage and dad behind the camera filming away. Treasure hunts, bacon eating challenges, music videos, road trips...think of it as a little girl's imagination running wild and sharing the adventures with friends. It's a way for Hunter Rose to show other kids that there is life after beating cancer, and a resource to inspire kids fighting a battle of their own.

Today, Hunter Rose is 7 years old and her last treatment was in February 2019. She's a happy little girl who loves the beach, swimming, coloring, playing with friends, building forts and inspiring others.

Having a child with cancer in unimaginable.

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"I credit my wife's strength and the support from family, friends, community and church for helping our family get through this" said Jay. "I wouldn't wish anything like this on anyone, but this did strengthen our family and our faith, because we made it. I don't know how life would be if she didn't."

September is childhood cancer awareness month, to donate to this cause go here.