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'Cancer Cartel' helps those battling the illness pay everyday bills

They are a one, two, three punch - taking a big swing at cancer.

Kerry Solmonsen beat breast cancer, thyroid cancer and skin cancer.

Katy Tinney beat Non Hodgkin's lymphoma and skin cancer.

Shelly Tinney-Miller beat breast cancer and skin cancer.

Less than a year ago, Tinny and Tinny-Miller (sisters) along with their best friend Solmonsen started Cancer Cartel, a company dedicated to helping cancer fighters pay everyday bills.

"Cancer Cartel is my life mission, I truly feel that this is why I was put on this earth for," said Solmonsen. "We took something terrible like having cancer and turned it into something amazing. Cancer is expensive and people don’t realize it’s not just your medical bills, it is gas money to get the treatment, parking - it’s terrible and you shouldn’t have to fight that and fight cancer at the same time. We’re trying to create some relief."

Every day you'll find these three heroes on the ground getting their message out, hitting local businesses to pitch in, hoping to catch a sponsor who can move their business to the next level. Or you'll find them huddled around their computers pushing their passion.

Cancer Cartel is growing every day, Hollywood celebrities are jumping onboard, believing in their mission. Eva Longoria is now a huge supporter, donating anything that generates cash for the cause, and then there's Braunwyn Burke, star of "Real Housewives of Orange County."

"Braunwyn is incredible, she jumped in on day one - literally in her closet in her bra and underwear she sent us a picture right away from her closet," said Tinny. " She’s incredible, she was the first celebrity endorsement that really that jumped all in and has been there from the beginning. We really appreciate her."

We caught up with Burke from Puerto Rico, she couldn't wait to help out.

" I love that they’re doing what they can do," she said, "I think when it comes to 'how can I help', you think there’s something so big you don’t have the answer. But I’m a big believer in doing what you can, where you are. We can all do something big or little. They help people pay their bills - we may not be able to cure cancer but we can help take some of the stress off of you while you’re going through treatment or recovery. They did it! They had an idea, they worked hard and they’ve accomplished so much."

Burke has donated numerous items, and recently Ellen Degeneres donated $10,000 to Cancer Cartel. Every penny goes to those fighting for their lives.

"I think anytime we’re talking about Cancer Cartel we really know why we’re doing it. We’re three survivors and we’re talking to these people and giving away funds or emailing them - we connect with them on another level, what they’re going through we’ve been there ourselves it’s a tough time but we connect with people that way."

"My favorite saying is 'we rise by lifting others,' said Solmonsen. "So we cry every time - it’s simple as giving somebody [an] $100 Amazon gift card that changes their life in that brief moment."