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Broadway musical surprises, moves and excites Seattle audiences

Fun Home is a hot ticket at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre. The Tony Award-winning musical opened for a short run, and Refined caught up with one of the stars.

"Fun Home tells the true story of cartoonist, Alison Bechdel," explained Robert Petkoff, actor in the show. "Her sort of looking back at memories of her life and her relationship, in particular, her father."

Robert Petkoff stars as Alison's father in Fun Home, a show that won five Tony awards just two years ago, including Best Musical.

"He was a man who had a very deep secret in his life," he said. "He couldn't face his true self, and so kept it hidden. It caused all kind of trouble not only for himself but for those around him."

Fun Home addresses themes of sexual orientation and dysfunctional family life. It's an intimate experience through Alison's eyes as she reflects on the moments making her who she is.

"I think people come in constantly and think oh, this is not my story, I don't think I'll connect with this," continued Petkoff. "And by the end, people have told me over and over, I just did not expect to get as emotional as I did watching this show."

For 15 years, Petkoff acted in plays, but he found his true passion performing musicals.

"It's just joyful," he said. "To be able to sing on a stage. I played Hamlet, and doing 'to be or not to be' will never have the same impact as singing the silliest song on stage where an audience immediately goes, oh, I understand that."

Petkoff's performed on stage with the likes of Judi Dench, Alfred Molina and Emily Blunt. But he admits, he's a huge Breaking Bad fan and was a bit star struck when he first met Bryan Cranston.

"Oh my god. And before I met him, I was a fan," said Petkoff. "Of course, the first day of rehearsal for All the Way, which we did together, I came off the elevator, I came around the corner, I bumped into this guy, was like oh, sorry, and oh god, it's Walter White. I was disappointed when we were doing Fun Home in LA, Bryan was filming out of town. I was so bummed, because I think he would have loved this show. It's a show that talks about family, and it talks about the human experience and if you have any doubts or reservations about seeing it, overcome that, because you're going to be very pleasantly surprised."

Fun Home runs through July 30. For tickets, click here.