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Tony-winning play debuts in Seattle (blink and you may miss it!)

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time won the 2015 Tony award for Best New Play on Broadway. And now, it's making its Seattle debut.

"This play is about this young boy, Christopher Boone, who lives in England," said Adam Langdon, actor who plays Christopher. "He finds his neighbor's dog who has been murdered. He loves this dog, so he takes it upon himself to find out who murdered this dog. Along that mystery, he finds several other mysteries about himself and his family that must be solved come to light."

Adam Langdon plays the 15-year-old boy with mild autims. For Langdon, it's a role he never expected to play, even after his buddy told him he would.

"It's really indescribable. It means a lot. He told me I'd play this part one day and I was like, you are wrong," explained Langdon. "For so many reasons, but because it's such a physical show and I'm just this skinny, lanky guy who does a lot of comedy. And he insisted, and I auditioned to replace him. I went through three or four auditions, booked it. I was so blown away that I had been told a year ago I'd be doing something like this."

Playing a character with autism presented its share of challenges.

"Christopher. He's just this awesome guy," continued Langdon. "And, I think to really bring out the fact he's just like everyone else in so many ways is the most serviceable thing I can do, and that we can all do as a company to be like, to show how his mind works.We really throw the audience in what it's like to be in his brain."

If you're a fan of mysteries, you're definitely not going to want to miss when the true culprit is revealed.

"The play, especially the first act, jumps from scene to scene to scene, sometimes it goes back in time and then back to the time we're all in, sometimes you're in the play, sometimes you're not in the play, so we don't really give you the chance because you have to keep up. So, that helps when it's finally revealed, it is hopefully a shock to your system."

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is on stage at the Paramount Theatre through Sunday, July 30 2017. Click here for tickets.