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Beyoncé and Jay-Z at Safeco Field

Beyoncé embodies the saying, "I don't do it because it's cool, it's cool because I do it." She is the superstar of superstars and showed why with choreographed dances, booming vocals and a smile (and other assets) that had a packed Safeco Field swooning.

Pair all that with Jay-Z and you have an unstoppable force that stands alone in the music world or as Jay-Z would say, "We top of the totem pole." The couple seemed to feed off each other, setting each other up with each song and mixing their individual hits like a work of art. Even with a whirlwind of breakup rumors about the couple they seemed to have that perfect chemistry on stage together performing hits like Bonnie and Clyde, Drunk in Love and Holy Grail.

The production was nothing short of a masterpiece, with video clips of their Jay-Z and Beyoncé RUN short film throughout the two and a half hour show, fire, smoke and more than a dozen costume changes.

The tour also brought an unlikely crowd to Safeco Field. It felt like a mix of girls on their way to prom, woman on their way to the club and groups of fans with homemade puff paint t-shirts. It's not everyday you see a woman in a little black dress and five inch heels ordering a gigantic helmet of nachos.

A notable moment was when Ms. Carter had everyone in tears while singing an emotional "Resentment" in a full wedding gown. The singer's cover of the song included changes to the lyrics like "been riding with you for six years" to "twelve years" - the length of time she and Jay-Z have been together. The wedding gown coincided with a video clip of Beyoncé getting shot in a wedding chapel while in full wedding attire, which we're sure only fueled the rumors circling the couple right now.

If there isn't enough hyperbole surrounding the show for you, it's safe to say for many fans this was the biggest and the best show to come through Seattle in recent history. The last show at Safeco Field, was a Nirvana-aided Paul McCartney performance, which we're guessing drew a slightly different audience. Check out the gallery to see photos from Wednesday nights performance.