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Seahurst Park (Image: Lisette Wolter-McKinley / Seattle Refined)

Best Picnic Spots to Social Distance this Summer

Now more than ever we crave a change of scenery. From long and sometimes isolating days of working from home, to entertaining children, whipping up countless meals and everything in between. With all this time spent at home you wouldn't think we would need a break, but we do! There is something so invigorating about packing up a meal or grabbing some take out and setting outside for a little adventure.

When I think of life's simple pleasures, I immediately think of delicious food, breathtaking scenery and invigorating company. During this unprecedented time in our country (yup, we said it) there is nothing quite like stepping away from the endless barrage of news, for a moment of fresh air and partaking in some much needed self-care in the form of food and conversation. After enjoying a little relaxation outside you will appreciate how fortunate you are to call Seattle home. And if you are insanely lucky you might even spot a seal, sea lion, heron or bald eagle during your meal.

COVID measures: We are currently in Phase 2 of King County’s re-opening plan. All play areas are closed and social distancing is required throughout the park. All activities should be limited to groups of five and under. Seattle Parks are currently closing at 9:30pm.

Lowman Beach

7017 Beach Dr.
Seattle, WA 98136

Most people have heard of West Seattle's beloved Lincoln Park, but a few blocks north is a much smaller park called Lowman Beach. Lowman Beach has a rocky shoreline, grass field, swings and even a waterfront tennis court. From Lowman Beach you can admire views of the Olympics, Alki Point and have a front row seat for both the Southworth and Fauntleroy ferry routes. The entire shoreline of Lowman Beach is the perfect backdrop for a romantic picnic, family dinner, watching the sunset and launching a kayak or SUP either before or after you enjoy your meal. If you are looking to burn off some extra calories you can take a short jaunt past a row of lovely waterfront homes and pop into the north end of Lincoln Park. Among the unexpected treasures you might encounter are the word "LOVE" written with washed up sea treasures and Colman Pool located at the tip of Lincoln Park.

Seahurst Park

1600 SW Seahurst Park Rd,
Burien, WA 98166

Twenty five minutes south of downtown Seattle is Seahurst Park - also known as the jewel of Burien's park system. I hate to admit it, but although I have lived here my entire life I only just recently discovered this park's existence. Seahurst Park is a 178 acre park with a stunning combination of forest and salt water beach. The beach is about 2,000 feet long and provides ample spots to put down a blanket and enjoy views of the Olympic Mountains. There are several miles of hiking trails located within the park which parallel the beach making it the perfect post picnic activity. Due to its location along Puget Sound's shore the park provides sweeping views and plenty to explore on a low tide day.

Charles Richey Sr. Viewpoint/Constellation Park

3521 Beach Dr. SW
Seattle, WA 98116

While hoards of people jockey for a parking spot along Alki Beach, you can smugly and confidently nab a parking spot and eat your sandwich in peace along the shore of Charles Richey Sr. Viewpoint. Located just south of Alki Point, this is one of the best spots in Seattle to see whales and other marine life. Constellation Park is a particularly favorite spot during low tide because it is an intertidal area teaming with sea-life (we profiled this hidden gem just a couple months ago!) Complex habitats and favorable currents continue to support a rich diversity of sea-life here. Orcas are often spotted here as they sometimes swim notably close to the shore. Now that the city has deemed the street paralleling the park a "car free" zone the peace and quiet factor will skyrocket this beach to the top of your list. With a myriad of restaurants dotting Alki Beach it is easy to pick up a burger, taco, donut or coffee and head to this park.

Lake Union Park

860 Terry Ave N,
Seattle, WA 98109

The South Lake Union neighborhood has seen rapid growth in the past few years. Lake Union Park is a 12-acre park located at the south end of Lake Union in the heart of downtown Seattle. Once a bustling lunch time hot spot for downtown workers, Lake Union Park is the ultimate destination in terms of interesting sites to behold while enjoying your meal. The park provides easy access to both green space and the water from the downtown core and celebrates the cultural, maritime, and industrial heritage of the city and region. Between the pond for sailing miniature boats, the Center for Wooden Boats and easy access to Lake Union there is a little something for everyone. And if you are looking to impress your friends or transportation obsessed child the constant hum of seaplanes taking off and landing right on Lake Union Park is sure to impress even the most discerning of picnic guests. Food trucks often set up shop near this park which make an impromptu picnic all the more plausible.

With mild temperatures throughout the year, Seattle is the perfect place to enjoy picnicking all year long. And with this Summer of social distancing it is the perfect solution for COVID blues to invite a couple friends, bring a few blankets and enjoy some face to face contact and equally satisfying sustenance during this unique time.