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Ben Malcolmson and Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll. Malcolmson is sharing his inspirational story in his new book 'Walk On: From Pee Wee Dropout to the NFL Sidelines.' (Photo Credit: Lara Gale)<p></p>

Ben Malcolmson's new book 'Walk On' is an inspiring story about faith & football

These days, you'll find Ben Malcolmson on the football field-- right by Coach Pete Carroll's side.

But the unlikely story of how he got here seems more like a plot from a movie than real life. Let's just say it did not look like football was in Ben's future when he was a kid.

"Well I was vastly undersized I was a late bloomer-- the epitome of a late bloomer and played football when I was in 5th grade and I hated it 'cause I was so undersized," recalls Malcolmson. "Just not into the physical contact at all and I quit football then... I think I thought I was never gonna play again."

He set his sights on becoming a sports writer.

"I went to school at USC-- University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and started a journalism major and started writing for the school newspaper there... and ended up covering the football team there for USC-- right when they were in their prime and number one team in the country."

Then Malcolmson got a great idea for an article.

"I wanted to do a story on the 'Walk Ons' on the team. Kind of the end of the bench guys," he explains. "I just wanted to go through the tryout just to get a first person perspective to bring people on the inside of what it's like."

He ran it by the coach of the USC Trojans at the time-- Pete Carroll-- who gave him the OK.

"I had everything stacked against me. I was not a football player, I hadn't played football for 10 years. I was 160 pounds. I was a journalism student. I was trying out for the number one football team in the country. I mean everything was stacked against me."

Malcolmson managed to survive the grueling try out. Then, a major twist.

"I get a phone call two days later saying that I made the team."

The former pee wee football drop out couldn't believe it. "I went into the football office and I was just kind of in shock and disbelief I and to get to the answer I had to get to the bottom of it."

He was convinced it wasn't true.

"Hundred percent it had to be a joke it was either my friends pulling a prank on me or it was Coach Carroll who's renowned for pulling pranks, he had to be pulling a prank on me. He had known me over the years just from covering the team so I figured this had to be a joke."

Malcolmson went to see Coach Carroll.

"I was like coach is this real-- and he's like you can catch the ball, you can run fast, we want you on the team."

Then the hard work began.

"I'm out there on my first practice and I just get popped right in the chin my chin strap breaks and I'm laying there on the ground with my face in the dirt and I realized that I survived."

He realized he might actually be able to be a successful member of the team.

"It was kind of a moment of triumph like OK I can do this."

After graduation, he went to work for Pete Carroll at USC and then-- another twist!

"He took the job up here in Seattle up here in 2010 [as Head Coach for the Seattle Seahawks] and asked me to come up with him and since then my job has kind of evolved into being his right hand... his special assistant behind the scenes and helping him with everything on and off the field."

Now Ben Malcolmson has written a book about his unlikely journey. It's called 'Walk On.'

"It's a story of hope and purpose... that we all have an incredible purpose in our lives and that we need to keep searching that out and seek it and try to figure out what our purpose is."

Besides writing 'Walk On'... Malcolmson just walked down the aisle with new bride Brittney.

"I got to read an advanced copy of the book before it came out and I feel like I fell in love with him all over again," says Brittney Malcolmson. "You know to read about him in such a detailed way and the sweetest part is that's totally how he is and think he's even better behind the scenes really."

Malcolmson wants his unexpected journey to inspire others.

"It's just kind of starting that journey of what is my purpose. And it's also really exciting to know there's stories being written in all of our lives."

Ben Malcolmson's book 'Walk On' is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers.