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Bellevue's Golden Girl Returns Home for One Weekend of Incredible Shows

You've seen her on TV (she's probably best known for her role on Smash), in the movies and on stage (Glinda in 'Wicked'!) - but did you know that Megan Hilty is a local? That's right - Hilty was born right here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Bellevue to be specific. She's returning home to perform with the Seattle Symphony for one weekend only:

We always wonder if performances just bleed together for these stars who sing and perform hundreds of shows each year. Is it any different for Hilty to play her hometown? What does she love the most about the PNW? Well - we asked her.

Seattle Refined: You’re a local! Welcome home. What do you miss most about the Pacific Northwest when you’re away?
Megan Hilty: There's an indescribable essence about the Northwest that I miss all of the time - it's a combination of the amazing people, the appreciation of all forms of art and being surrounded by nature.

What is the one place, hands down, you need to eat at when you’re back in Seattle/Bellevue?
Every time I come home we HAVE to go to the Pike Place Market - we get a cup of coffee, a bag of mini doughnuts (cinnamon/sugar) at the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company and go shopping.

You’re a hot commodity these days – why was it important to you to join the Seattle Symphony for this show?
I've been dying to come home and sing with the great Seattle Symphony. These concerts take a lot of planning in advance so this was the first opportunity in years that the timing actually worked out.

Does it feel different playing a “hometown” show than any other show?
Absolutely. The last time this happened for me was when I got to do Wicked at the Paramount Theater. It was completely surreal to perform in the theater where I saw all of the shows that inspired me as a kid.

What can attendees of this concert look forward to?
We have a really exciting set list that includes standards originally arranged for Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Judy Garland, along with selections from my career - particularly from Wicked and Smash.

Favorite part about Seattle/Bellevue?
I'd be in a lot of trouble if I didn't mention my family! But I love the coffee, shopping & food too!

Least favorite part about Seattle/Bellevue?
Sorry to sound so cliche - but it really is difficult for me to live in the rain for so much of the year. I love that it makes the NW so beautiful and green though!

What Broadway show are you the most excited about right now?
Dear Evan Hansen. I have so many great friends attached to this incredible show - both onstage and on the creative team. It is the next big thing on Broadway - heart-wrenching, thought-provoking and beautifully written/performed.

What is your favorite song to perform?
They Just Keep Moving The Line from Smash. Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman are two of the greatest lyricist/composers of our time and I am so lucky that I got to work so closely with them and had the honor of being the first to voice many of their original songs for Smash.

Who have you never worked with that you want to?
Norm Lewis! We've been talking about doing something together for years now and it's just never happened. His voice is perfection and I would just die to get to sing with him!

What are you working on right now that you are the most excited about?
I made a little Christmas album with my band this year and we are currently on tour with it. I am so proud of it and what we all came up with together on this live studio recording. I also love traveling and getting to do my own concerts with my husband (who is a part of the band).

Finally, since we are in Seattle we have to ask – how do you take your coffee?
Grande Americano with almond milk and two packets of Splenda, please!

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