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(Image: Sunita Martini / Seattle Refined)

Behind-The-Scenes of Our Women's Rugby Photoshoot

We're baaaack!

So you've probably figured it out by now - aka ever since meeting the Seattle Seawolves - that my new favorite sport is rugby! Hockey is a close second but I'll need to table that love until we have a team....

A few months ago my favorite photographer (and pal, really) Sunny Martini and myself went out to shoot the Seawolves, Seattle's Major League Rugby Team in an out-of-the-box style shoot, post practice. We had such a great time that we started looking into other sports teams to do the same style shoot with. But this time we wanted to switch it up a little bit - ladies first right?

Cue the Saracens women's team.

The Seattle Saracens have both a men and women's club team but we wanted to give it a go with the gals. In our experience, for whatever reason, ladies seem to be slightly more comfortable in front of the camera (sorry Seawolves, your shyness was CUTE!), so HERE WE ARE.

We met up with the gals on a chilly evening after one of their practices - and while their season is currently over, will go on forever in our hearts with this gallery. Enjoy!