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(Image: Barry's Bootcamp Facebook)

Barry's Bootcamp, aka 'The Best Celebrity Workout' is Coming to Seattle

Kim Kardashian. Carrie Underwood. Olivia Culpo. Justin Bieber.

The list of celebrities that credit their bangin' bods to Barry's Bootcamp goes on and on and on. According to Shape Magazine, Barry’s Bootcamp is “The Best Celebrity Workout” - hands down.

And now, it's not just for celebrities! The super popular gym just announced that they're officially coming to Seattle, specifically to that huge space off Westlake in the Rollin Street Flats.

112 Westlake Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109

Barry’s has locations in all over the US, including LA and Chicago. They even have a few in the UK, Norway, and Sweden - so we're in good company. And while we don't have an official Opening Day, we do have an actual tab on their website, so that feels pretty darn official to us.

If you don’t have the glorious paychecks of these high-profile celebs, worry not! Classes range from $15 to $24 depending on your selection.

You KNOW we'll be updating you with more info as we get it, and eventually probably trying it to see what the hype is about. If I don't have Kim's body after one class, I'll be livid.