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Rachel has traveled to romantic locations around the globe in her search to find her soul mate. Now, after adventures in Copenhagen, Oslo and Geneva, she returns to the United States to more uncharted territories: the four hometowns of Eric, Bryan, Peter and Dean. Her spirit and resilience is about to be tested by the men and their loved ones, as she tries to figure out how and why she is falling in love with more than one man at a time. Are all these bachelors marriage material? Rachel will try to find out from the people who know them best, as she moves closer to making her fairytale come true, on "The Bachelorette." (ABC/George Burns)

Bachelorette Recap: Time to take Rachel home to meet mom & dad

Okay, I think we can all agree that the hometown episode is by far the best episode of every Bachelorette/Bachelor season. I think people like it so much because it makes everyone realize maybe their family is normal (well, more normal than a lot of others)!


We are kicking off this week in Baltimore with Eric on the basketball court. Eric, Eric, Eric...there is just something about him that I don't trust! Remember just a few weeks ago when he was being a big baby and crying over everything?? Has Rachel forgotten about that? Anyway, Eric talks to Rachel about growing up in Baltimore and not having the easiest childhood. He also admits that Rachel is the first girl he has ever brought home. #PRESSURE!

Eric opens the door to his aunt's apartment and holy moly there are a lot of people in one room waiting to meet her! Ummm. I LOVE Eric's family! They are so welcoming and fun...can I hang out with them? Then it was time for the boring "Do you really love him?" "How will you make this work?" talks. Blah blah blah...we all know it really won't work out. Lets just get that out of the way.

Is it time for Dean's hometown date yet??


It's not time for Dean yet, but Bryan will do for now. Welcome to Miami! Bryan takes Rachel out to explore the city like a local. They play dominos, eat delicious food, and dance the day away. But am I the only one who feels like there is something missing between Bryan and Rachel? He speaks in riddles and I'm not into it.

Also, Bryan's mom might be a little controlling over him. RED FLAG, RACHEL! RUN AWAY!

Bryan admits his love for Rachel and I'm over it already... onto the next! Like I said earlier, is it time to meet Dean's dad yet??


Still no's Peter time in Madison, Wisconsin. I think I forgot how good-looking Peter is!

Rachel admits that she is not sure if Peter is ready for a commitment and she is hoping that being in his hometown will break those walls down. Peter brings Rachel to meet his closest friends and everything went smoothly. Although Peter is still very skeptical about the whole situation (totally understandable). He talks to his friends about being terrified about proposing to Rachel at the end of this journey.

Peter's family is adorable. Rachel needs to stop worrying about him not being ready to propose...that is normal! You guys have only been together (while dating other people) for like five seconds. Peter's mom speaks the TRUTH! Peter may not be ready for a proposal but a commitment is another story. He is thinking logically! The date ends with no "I love you" from Peter and you can see the disappointment on Rachel's face.


It is time for Dean's hometown! Welcome to Aspen, Colorado!

The date starts off with the two four-wheeling and a little picnic on the mountain side. I love Dean. End of story.

Dean shares some information about his dad and his dad's wife - everyone keep in mind that Dean hasn't spoken to his dad in two years and now he is seeing him for the first time on national television. This has to be the producers' doing. Who in their right mind would agree to that? Since the passing of Dean's mom, his dad has converted to Sikh and changed his name to Paramroop. Dean says his relationship with his father changed after the passing of his mom.

Dean's relationship with his dad breaks my heart. This has to be one of the realest/saddest hometown dates in the history of the show. Dean admits to his dad that he is still angry about the way things went down after his mom passed and how he feels like his father wasn't there for him. The conversation gets heated and Paramroop walks away. Rachel tries to talk to Paramroop, but by this point he is over the cameras and wants nothing more to do with it.

Dean is visibly upset so Rachel goes to console him and Dean tells her he is falling in love AND RACHEL SAYS IT BACK!


Bryan gets a rose... Eric gets a rose...Peter gets a rose... and Dean is sent home...WTF. I think hearts across America are breaking into millions of pieces for poor Dean. He let Rachel into the most vulnerable part of his life (on TV!) to be sent home right after. Maybe Dean will be the next Bachelor??


The remaining three men head to Spain and meet Rachel's family.