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Accomplished Texas attorney Rachel Lindsay takes a recess from the courtroom to start her search for happily ever after in the 13th edition of ABC's hit series, "The Bachelorette."(ABC/Paul Hebert)

Bachelorette Recap: It's just a suite, suite fantasy baby

Was Mariah Carey influenced by the Bachelor franchise fantasy suites in writing her hit song, Fantasy? You be the judge.

We knew it was going to be a Fantasy Suite episode, but what we didn't know that it was ALSO going to be the Meet The Parents episode. Those are two huge moments wrapped in two short (ok, who are we kidding - incredibly long - hours of television). We can thank Rachel's sister Constance, who is eight months pregnant and cannot travel, for this speeding up of the process. So the freaky foursome headed to Dallas to meet the Lindsays (sans Mr. Lindsay, who is a federal judge and probably would not be caught d e a d on an episode of reality TV).

Meet The Lindsays

  • Peter. Rachel is pretty open about the fact that she has the most reservations about Peter, because he tells her honestly that he doesn't know if he's ready to be married. And Rachel IS. On the one hand, I'm impressed with Peter's honestly even when it's not what Rachel wants to hear. On the other, why is Rachel keeping him around when other people (cough, Dean, cough) have told her they're ready? Weirdly, it's Peter's reluctance that make him the most appealing to Rachel's family. The monologue he gives at the dinner table is literally more than we've ever heard him say in the entire season. He does tell Rachel that he's falling in love with her, but is honest with Mama Lindsay that he doesn't know if he will be able to propose in two weeks.
  • Eric. Gotta say, Eric was not a favorite of mine going into this episode - but I was incredibly impressed with his meeting of the family. He was honest, open, shy, nervous and his geniune desire to be part of the family (one like he's never had) is pretty darn endearing. I think Rachel's family saw it too - when Eric asks her mother for her blessing their hypothetical marriage, she gives it.
  • Bryan. Bryan is smooth. Too smooth, in fact - and no one sees this more than Rachel's family. Where they were intense with Peter and Eric, they brought the HAMMER DOWN on Bryan. Oh, you say you fell in love with her after a week? Yeah right. They push and push and push, and while the rest of us are over here cheering them on (it's what we've been feelings for weeks now), Rachel is standing by her man. If anything, her passionate defense of Bryan to her family makes me pretty convinced that he is going to be the winner. She is in a bubble where she can't see anything but the good for him, and she won't even listen to her family to try and talk sense. The same reason that they loved Peter (his honesty about how fast the process is), is the reason they dislike Bryan (his ability to fall in love so quickly). After a rocky meeting, it's clear that Rachel is fighting the hardest fight for Bryan.

Fantasy Suites

Eric. Rachel is not playing games on this one on one in Spain. She is asking all the questions (Why do you feel this way? What are your fears? How do I challenge you?) Poor Eric is being put through the gauntlet. She keeps coming back to the question of him never being in love before - it seems to be a huge point of contention for her. But regardless, Eric tells her straight out that he is in love with her. I will say this for the guy - the smile he gets when he looks at Rachel is out of this world. I don't question that he truly loves her for a second. When Rachel offers him the Fantasy Suite - he says yes, like any breathing man would.

Peter. Ok, we finally get some clarity on why Peter is still around (other than, you know, his face) - Rachel says that out of everyone left in the process, only Peter can really read her and understand her in a way that Eric and Bryan can't. But once again, the fact that Peter can't promise that he will be ready for an engagement in two weeks is a big issue for Rachel. Even if, for me personally, this makes him the most honest and true contestant. Rachel - would you rather he definitely propose and not be sure, or for him to commit to you dating and then get there naturally? We've all seen how many couples who get engaged on this show end up married....and it's *not* many. Why can't she just let that go?

In true Bachelorette style, the episode ends on a cliffhanger, with Peter and Rachel being at polar ends of the spectrum when it comes to what an engagement means.*

*Peter's definition is right.