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Miley Cyrus performs in Times Square during New Year's Eve celebrations on Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013 in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

Attending a wedding? Get ready to dance to these songs

Love, respect, honor, and loyalty - these are things you expect to find at weddings. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke? Not so much. But Ed Griffin and Ian Johnson of The Wedding DJs said that lately, that's all people want to hear on their big day.

"We have over 50,000 thousands songs in our library," said Griffin. "But there are definitely a couple top songs that keep popping up again and again."

Although they change with time, right now those top songs are:

  • "Blurred Lines" - Robin Thicke

  • "Wrecking Ball" - Miley Cyrus

  • "Suit & Tie" - Justin Timberlake

And for the father daughter dance?

"'Isn't She Lovely', by Stevie Wonder, said Johnson. "Almost without fail, every time."

Beyoncé's anthem to all the unattached women out there, "Single Ladies," continues to be the go-to song during the flower toss.

But just like there are hits - there are also misses.

"No one want any group dances anymore," said Johnson. "No 'chicken dance,' 'Macarena,' or 'YMCA.' The 'Electric Slide' is usually 50/50 depending on the bride."