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At the Fishermen's Fall Festival, enjoy fresh seafood for a fabulous cause

The 29th Annual Fishermen’s Fall Festival will be this Saturday, September 23 and if you’re a fan of family fun, fresh seafood or helping others in your community, it’s the perfect event from you.

All proceeds from the Fishermen’s Fall Festival go to the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial. This nonprofit supports commercial fishermen and their families with programming that:

  • Provides grief counseling to those who lose loved ones at sea, free of charge
  • Trains fishermen in vessel stability, shipboard firefighting, first aid, CPR and other skills to help prevent loss of life
  • Funds scholarships for eligible children and spouses of fishermen lost at sea to help ease their financial burden

If you want to support the great work they do, all you have to do is turn up for the Festival and have fun! We’ve listed a few Festival highlights below.

Survival Suit Races

Climb into a survival suit and, along with the rest of your team of four, swim out to the raft anchored 150 feet from the dock. The team with the fastest time wins. Participation is free and survival suits are provided, and kids can participate with parental consent. This race is a crowd-pleaser and a fun way to learn a little about the safety gear that saves lives on fishing vessels.

Eating Contests

Choose to compete in the Lutefisk Eating Contest or the Oyster Slurp Contest and show off your speed-eating skills. Both contests are limited to the first 10 contestants that sign up, and both offer some nice prizes. Come to the festival with your tummy empty and a hunger for victory if you think you have what it takes to slurp up some seafood at record speed.

Delicious Seafood

For those who prefer to eat normal amounts of seafood at a leisurely pace, there’s plenty of Salmon BBQ to go around. Each meal comes with a drink, fresh corn-on-the-cob and dessert, and 100% of proceeds benefit the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial Foundation.

You’ll also find Bering Sea Crab Melts, Crab Bisque, Alaska Weathervane Scallops and Alaska Cod Tacos. Attendees aged 21+ can wash their meal down with a beverage in the Beer, Wine & Spirits Garden which will stay open for the duration of the festival.

Activities for Kids

There are tons of activities for kids at the Festival. Help yours make a fish print, create some shell art or try their hand in a “Fishing for Fun” fish pond. There will also be face painting, balloon artists, miniature wooden boat building and other cool crafts for kids of all ages.

On the stage, kids can see a performance by Inochi Taiko Traditional Japanese Drummers, watch the Reptile Man show off his assortment of exotic reptiles and get a lesson in walking like a pirate from the hilarious Cap’n Arrr.

The Festival will also feature a Salmon Fillet Challenge, free ship canal tours and tons of other fun. If you like the idea of having a good time for a great cause, the Fishermen’s Fall Festival is a sure bet.

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