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Back-to-school essentials, according to Seattle's legendary joke & oddities shop

The school year is well under way but, if you or your child aren't "hitting your stride" yet, Archie McPhee (Seattle's legendary joke, gag and oddities shop), recommends trying one or more of the following products to brighten your school day!

Giant Pencil
Perfect for big ideas, this giant pencil is 99.99% guaranteed make note-taking more memorable. Also, if you are the type of person who is constantly misplacing your writing implement, this giant pencil is very difficult to lose. Because it's enormous.

Novelty Lunchbox
For many students, lunchtime is a much needed reprieve from "hitting the books." And what better way to celebrate than with a luke-warm baloney sandwich packed into an Archie McPhee novelty lunchbox! Available in Unicorn, Bigfoot, Crazy Cat Lady and other themes, these lunch pails will be the envy of everyone in the cafeteria or teachers' lounge.

Sassy Notebooks
Even in the age of laptops and iGadgets, notebooks have their place in the classroom. So, if you're going to be carrying one from class to class make them fun!

Human Anatomy Model
Own a REAL human anatomy model! This plastic, cut-away torso is perfect for learning about the human body or decorating your classroom or locker. Organs are removable and reassembly provides a free anatomy lesson. Makes a great gift.

Novelty Scarf
The beginning of the school year also marks the return of colder weather. So, bundle up with an Archie McPhee novelty scarf. Available in sloth, unicorn, rubber chicken and other verities these scarves are sure to warm you up. Body and soul.

The Archie McPhee flagship store (their only store) is located in Wallingford and has many more Back to School "Essentials" than listed here. For a sneak-peak, check out the video above.