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<p>Art - Nicole Gordon (Image: Seattle Refined)</p><p></p>

'Altered States': A Surreal Neon Dreamworld [in Bellevue]

Bellevue Arts Museum's latest exhibition of works by Chicago artist Nicole Gordon presents vivid mindscapes inhabited by jarring juxtapositions. Fire and ice, whimsy and angst, beauty and blight all co-exist within her works.

“You can’t have light without darkness and you can’t have evil without good," she said. "It's finding balance."

Balance is a central theme in Gordon's work, drawing inspiration from challenges to find balance in her own life, as a mother and artist.

“I think everybody who is a parent can understand the chaos, [lack of] personal space and finding a little nugget of who you are among attending to your child’s needs,” Gordon said.

"Altered States" is an escape - to a fanciful, colorful world with darker themes often hidden just below the surface.

“All of my colors are incredibly vivid and bold," Gordon said. "I really like this idea of drawing people in with color and joy but you stay there to dissect a deeper meaning.”

Gordon's exhibition at The Bellevue Arts Museum has three dimensional elements as well, offering visitors immersive ways to experience Nicole Gordon's quest for balance in the world of Altered States.

This exhibition runs through June 14th 2020 at The Bellevue Arts Museum