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Retailers like Alair Seattle have come up with creative "no contact" ways for customers to shop at their stores and support the local economy. (Image: Samantha Witt)

Alair Seattle rolls out 'no contact' ways customers can shop

Due to the current COVID-19 health crisis and Gov. Jay Inslee's "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" initiative, most brick and mortar businesses are closed. But some retailers, like Alair Seattle, have come up with creative "no contact" ways for customers to shop at their stores and support the local economy. Refined got the scoop from Shandon Graybeal, owner of Alair Seattle.

Seattle Refined: Shandon, thanks for joining us today! What is Alair Seattle?
Shandon Graybeal: Alair Seattle is a gift shop in West Seattle. We focus on locally made goods, small-batch companies and companies who are giving back in some way.

How can people still be shopping local and helping their local business?
People can go online and shop, and then we are offering local delivery in West Seattle. We also ship, and we are doing curbside pick up, so we have full no contact curbside pickup. We also have a gift concierge service.

You have tons of beautiful things there, but I just want to focus on a few that have sort of a local tie cause I know that's really important to you, starting with a t-shirt and a decal?
I'm actually wearing the t-shirt right now, and then we have the little decal "We Got This Seattle." I partnered with a guy named Jeff, who owns Seattle Viaduct [clothing company], and he did the designs, and we actually printed them right here. So, we did the shirts, and we're doing a percentage of the shirts and stickers back to Westside baby for the COVID relief efforts.

Sometimes it's about four-legged friends, what do you have for them?
There's a company called Ugly Yellow House; they are out of West Seattle — a husband and wife team that work out of their little ugly yellow house, and they make dog bow ties.

Mother's Day is coming up...
We have jewelry from Nordy Made - it's a West Seattle girl. She has the necklace that I'm wearing; I think it's really great for Mother's Day because it has the larger circle and the smaller circle. And then she has these really cool earrings — there's an ear jacket on the back so you can wear them four ways. Everybody loves them.

We also have Sea and Pine bags. Jenny is right here in West Seattle, as well. She sews all these by hand. It's completely reversible. There's vegan leather so you can wear it with the brown vegan leather side or the orange side.

She has these great book bags. They can go into an over the shoulder bag, or you can wear it as a backpack. That's really cute.

How about these "At Home Boxes"?
People have bought them for themselves, and we've done some where people have bought them as gifts. [For example]: This one had little body butters in it. There's a little notepad we thought was funny for this time in our lives. Then we have little game boxes, so family games people can do.

I love that you are supporting so many local artists and makers right here in the area.
The level of how this is affecting people is trickling, so we support them all the time, but especially right now— knowing if the stores are closed, the markets also aren't selling anything. We can help everybody.