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This aerial video of the UW campus was shot, edited and planned by high school students Romi Almeda and Vlad Nazarov. (Image: Romi Almeda and Vlad Nazarov)

Aerial view of cherry blossom season at UW

A couple weeks ago, high school students Romi Almeda and Vlad Nazarov completed an assignment for their Film Club just like they have time and time again. This particular assignment was an aerial video (shot with hand built quadcopter rigs) of UW's campus at the height of cherry blossom season.

This seemingly regular assignment was shared on UW's Facebook page, and quickly started gaining likes across the country (it's currently bordering 4,000 views on YouTube)!

Almeda and Nazarov are students at Raisbeck Aviation School in Tukwila, and recent co-founders of SkyView LLC Aerial Cinematographer Service. As such, they have hand built two quadcopter rigs for school projects and personal use.

The UW video was planned, shot and edited by Almeda in two days - and its popularity has helped the duo's young aerial cinematography business. Keep an eye on their YouTube channel for more of their work!