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Annette Thomas is this year's winner of the HR-V grand prize!<p></p>

Adventures begin for lucky One Tank Trip winners, courtesy of Western Washington Honda

For the sixth year in a row, the Western Washington Honda Dealers have inspired summertime adventure during the One Tank Trips Sweepstakes. Over the last ten weeks, they have given away eleven local experiences like pro-sports suite tickets, seaplane rides, eight destination vacation packages, and for one lucky winner, a brand-new Honda HR-V Sport!

The all-new subcompact HR-V is both economical and rugged. With the fuel-efficiency of a small car and the all-wheel drivability of an SUV, the Honda HR-V is perfect for an everyday commute or an outdoor escape to Mt. Rainier. Also perfect for Annette Thomas of Duvall, WA, who entered and won the HR-V grand prize!

Thomas entered the One Tank Trips Sweepstakes via Facebook in July. Not thinking too much of whether she'd win a prize at all, she entered with just her name and contact information, then went about her day, forgetting about her entry altogether. Weeks later, she received a call from the Western Washington Honda Dealers, with the news that she was the winner of a brand-new HR-V! Already a Honda car family, Thomas was elated to add another one to her family's line up which already includes a Pilot and two Civics.

Thomas isn't the only lucky one to be hooked up by the Western Washington Honda Dealers. The One Tank Trips Sweepstakes also included weekend getaway packages, inspiring the inner-explorer in eight happy winners. From oyster harvesting at Mike's Beach Resort on Hood Canal to leisure time in wine country at Willow's Lodge, to oceanfront strolls on Pacific Beach at Seabrook Lodge and kayaking in the San Juan Islands at Snug Harbor, this year's One Tank Trips sweepstakes was nothing short of variety. Whatever your adventure may be, the Western Washington Honda Dealers offer something for everyone.

As summer comes to a finish, so does the One Tank Trips Sweepstakes but the adventure doesn't have to end here! Whether you're a cross-country road warrior or an everyday commuter, the Western Washington Honda Dealers can help you get there. With a complete line up of Honda cars sure to fit any lifestyle, you'll be ready to hit the road and go off on your next journey.

With so many opportunities, where will you go next?