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(Image: Market Magic and Novelty Shop Facebook Page)

Abracadabra! Everyone who works at this Pike Place Magic Shop is actually a magician

Deep in the seemingly endless basements of Pike Place Market, there is a store some say is pure magic.

The Market Magic Shop.

Sheila Lyon and her husband Darryl Beckmann run the place.

“The Magic Shop in the Pike Place Market has been here for 45 years!" said Lyon proudly. "We’re one of the longest-running magic shops in the United States by one owner. And what’s so cool is everyone that works here is a magician,."

The employees at Market Magic are a talented bunch. During my most recent visit I witnessed objects teleport themselves from one place to another, ropes grow and shrink in length, the pattern on a dollar bill change before my eyes and a deck of cards erase and re-print itself in an instant.


Market Magic stocks a wide variety of reasonably priced miracles starting at under $10, something for every age and skill level, from complete kits for the beginner to complex illusions used by the best in the business.

“Market Magic is all about people having fun,” Lyon said.

Well then, mission accomplished!