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Horror movie fans will love this tribute to terror

Horror movie fans will love this tribute to terror

If you are a fan of horror movies, a new exhibit at Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) might just have you screaming for more.

"Surrounding me right now are 56, wrapped deceased bodies that you kind of have to push your way through," said Jacob McMurray, Senior Curator, as he walked us through Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film.

One step inside, and you'll be transformed into a world filled with the most terrifying monsters in horror history. From a seven-foot Michael Myers mannequin... to the flesh-eating creature from Jeepers Creepers... curator, Jacob McMurray hopes it all leaves you feeling a little bit disturbed.

"We really want people to have to squeeze through and push through the bodies like any number of scenes you see in a horror film where the character has to go through a meat locker or things like that," he said. "So, trying to create some spaces where people can really feel a little tense and uncomfortable."

If it's vampires that get your pulse racing, sink your teeth into the unholy vampire chapel.

"We wanted something that really gave the feeling of vampire and that idea that the vampire is sucking the life blood out of the human race," McMurray continued. "The outside of the chapel will be a continuous bleeding wall."

For all fans of the undead, step right into the zombie containment area.

"Behind us, we have some great severed heads from Walking Dead, season three," he said. "These were in the Governor's fish tanks in his den, which is super creepy. As you come into the space, clearly this is some governmental facility that some event has happened. And remnants, clearly there are people here that a zombie attack has happened. And if you go into the space right next to us, an actual zombie attack is happening."

Whether you're a fan of horror or not, this exhibit is sure to scare you in the best possible way.

"One of the exciting things we were able to do with this exhibition is hook up with a lot of new lenders and get a lot of cool pieces I was never able to access before," McMurray said. "So, there's a lot of great 80s horror-related material, including Freddy's original sweater from the first Nightmare on Elm Street. We can do things vicariously through the evil things that happen in horror film that we couldn't do in real life."

Scared to Death is going on right now at MoPOP, but a word of warning, it's not recommended for anyone under age 13.