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We are huge fans of A R I Z O N A (the band not the state)

The music of A R I Z O N A is as red hot as the state. The three friends from New Jersey just played a sold out concert in Seattle, but only Refined and STAR 101.5 got an exclusive private performance and we were blown away!

Zachary Hannah, David Labuguen and Nathan Esquite make up A R I Z O N A and they are on their way to being the next big thing. They have millions of listeners on Spotify, Atlantic Records signed them to a deal and they just wrapped up their first headlining tour. The song "Cross My Mind" is one of our favs, but it's the music video for "Electric Touch" that really grabbed our attention. They filmed it in Seattle because of one fan's touching letter.

"We had a single coming out and we were trying to figure out music video concepts. A woman had wrote to us on Twitter and asked if we could dedicate a song to her girlfriend at the show in Seattle. They were talking about how our music helped them through their relationship struggles so it felt natural to put two and two together," said Labuguen.

They didn't just dedicate a song to the couple, they filmed them exploring Seattle for their music video. Pretty cool, huh?

So why are these Jersey boys called A R I Z O N A?

Hannah said the band name doesn't mean anything. "We thought no one was going to ever hear our music so we didn't care. Nate was wearing a hat that said Arizona on it so Dave just joked that we should call us Arizona, so we did!"

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