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Amber Rochelle is an Intuitive Life Coach who has helped thousands of people shift their perspectives - and find their inner strength. (Photo: Andi Buescher)

Tips from a life coach on dealing with these difficult days

Amber Rochelle is an Intuitive Life Coach. Through her work, she's helped thousands of people shift their perspectives — and find their inner strength. These days, COVID-19 is on everyone's minds. Rochelle is sharing her tips for navigating these difficult days.

Seattle Refined: What is a Sensitive Badass?
Rochelle: I came up with the term "sensitive badass" as kind of a response to this really common misconception that being sensitive makes you weak and that it means you need to toughen up somehow. Honestly, I feel like this world has enough tough guys. And what we need is people who are willing to be vulnerable and wear their heart on their sleeve and talk about their emotions cause that's what takes real strength.

Tell us about your work.
My work is mainly focused on emotional wellness and self-connection. I work specifically with sensitive empaths, and I help them really build their emotional resiliency and craft a really intentional and purposeful life. I feel like sensitive people are so deeply needed in the world, especially right now.

Everyone is feeling so isolated, what are some ideas to help us feel connected?
We can start to shift out of this mindset of isolation and loss of freedom by connecting even deeper with our loved ones, and thinking about what really matters to us. You know we're lucky that we live in a time where we have things like social media and technology like Zoom and Skype. So while we can't be together physically, we can still plan virtual happy hours. We can play games and watch movies together. I was playing D & D will my friends over Zoom the other night, and it was awesome.

What are your tips for coping with fear and stress?
My biggest tip for coping is honestly just let yourself really feel your feelings. So cry if you need to write them out, talk to a supportive friend. Just make sure you're not shutting yourself down cause that's only gonna add to your anxiety and not help it.

Why is self-care so important?
There is a lot of anxiety and fear right now, and self-care really helps to put a floor underneath us and keep us grounded. So this is a really good time to process and reflect and go within and listen to your inner voice. A lot of people are talking about spring cleaning, and I like to say you can also clean your inner house. You know mentally and emotionally. Really ground in and prepare yourself for this next chapter of life.

How can we cope with the feeling of loss of control?
So, there's a saying that says when you feel helpless, help someone. So while there are a lot of things that are outside our control, how we react to them is. There's a lot of people at home right now sewing masks, and there are people that are donating money or grocery shopping for their elder neighbors. So we can feel more control when we can really focus on being part of the solution. Whatever you're feeling is valid, and that goes for everyone. We're having a shared global human experience right now, and we can start to build bridges within this experience through understanding and empathy.

Although these are tough times, are their opportunities for positive things too?
This is a time for kindness and respect and connection. Humans are incredibly resilient. We will get through this, but it will be a lot faster and more powerful if we stand together united.