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Girls Night Out: When you wanna relax & chill

It’s the perpetual question: “What should we do tonight?!” Sometimes there is so much to do in this city, it can be overwhelming to actually make a decision. Especially when you've set aside time to hang out with your friends, you want it to be good! No offense to just having wine on the couch, of course. This week we're hoping to give you som INSPO for your next Girls Night Out. Each day this week, Kate Neidigh is headed out on a series of explorations to fid the perfect activity for whatever mood you're in. Relax and Chill? Get Classy? Dance All Night? We have options, folks.

OK, so you got off the couch. Well done! Let's start off easy. Nothing says GNO more than a slumber party and spa day. We've come up with a few options based on money, honey! Whether you have champagne taste with a beer budget or a champagne taste with an, err, champagne budget - we've got you covered.

Fancy Schmancy

Head to the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle for a night of complete luxury. With room service and a view, you don't even need to leave the room! But if you do, there's plenty to do on-site, including two award-winning restaurants, shopping and a spa. The spa is perfect for a day of pampering after a night out. My girlfriends and I rolled into the gorgeous, French-inspired Penelope and the Beauty Bar located at the hotel for a day of indulgence. Spoiler Alert: it did not disappoint. The service was exceptional and we all left feeling refreshed and a bit less hungover. Plus you don't even have to leave the hotel to get a much needed Bloody Mary after a night out done right! Another bonus is that the Fairmont is located in downtown Seattle, super close to shopping - hence the matching sandals. It all depends on availability but the average starting price for a room is $349 (and here's a menu of pricing for spa services).

Ballin' on a Budget

You want to have a fun girls night, but you don't want to break the bank right? We totally get it. Check out the Paramount Hotel. It's nice and centrally located so you're close to shopping and restaurants in the city. It's around $200 a night on average, plus you can almost always find deals on the hotel website. Head to the Gene Juarez Academy and get a classic manicure for only $15. You can't beat that! You'll have more money to spend on the important stuff: WINE.

Broke as a Joke

Slumber party!!! Pull out the matching jammies, DIY spa treatments and Two Buck Chuck. Go to a local store and get whatever supplies you think necessary like sugar scrub, nail polish, and a filer. Times at the spa are always fun, but even more so when you have your girlfriends with you AND are in the comfort of your own home. With time and life flying by fast, it’s important to set aside a night with your girls to relax. An inexpensive girls night can be the evenings that bring forth the best and most unforgettable memories.

No matter what you choose to do, don't forget the wine and selfie stick. Cheers!