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SNAX the Bunny is a Seattle based comedian that appeared on ABC's The Gong Show. (Image courtesy: ABC)

A giant standup bunny comic? Duh - it's 'The Gong Show'!

It's.... The Gong Show!

And if you haven't checked out this new ABC reboot, you're in for a weird and wonderful treat.

The Gong Show features an insane host, hilarious judges and bizarre reject acts too strange for shows like America's Got Talent, and Seattle is proud to claim one of those bizarre and wonderful acts = SNAX the standup comic Bunny.

SNAX is the brain child of local comedian Celene Ramadan. If you’re a local music fan, you might recognize Celene as the singer from the popular Seattle band Prom Queen, but she's always had one foot in comedy as well.

We persuaded SNAX to remove her bunny head and tell our own Gaard Swanson about being on the Gong Show.

What was the experience like?
It was totally absurd, like a dream sequence, beautiful and terrifying and so much fun.

How'd you get involved with the Gong Show?
I actually applied to the Gong Show. For some reason I had this one day where I was like I wanna do a thing on TV and just looked around to see what I could apply for and saw that I thought that it would be so much fun and perfect for SNAX. And I applied and they called me, much to my surprise.

So what's the deal with the bunny suit?
The deal with the bunny suit is that I really wanted to try doing standup in a mascot costume.

Comedy in a bunny suit is just the beginning. There are some truly insane acts on the show, like a gal who put a tarantula in her mouth AND played the harmonica, and a couple who spit bananas back and forth in each other's mouths.

"I think the Gong Show Revival has really honored some of the most incredible parts of that original show," siad Ramadan. "Just the bonkers, off-the-wall absurdity of it all, and just how much fun the judges are having and just the whole vibe."

You can watch the Gong Show Thursday nights at 10pm on KOMO TV.