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Visiting Santa and sharing your holiday wish list a fun tradition for many people. Refined got to go behind the scenes with Santa as he got ready to greet folks in his special spot in the window on 6th Avenue in the Nordstrom Downtown Seattle store. (Credit: Nordstrom)

A Christmas Poem for Santa Claus

It was just before Christmas and all through the store...

People were shopping with boxes, bags and gifts galore!

But in a secret location, just out of sight...

Santa was getting set to delight.

He pulled on his boots and put on his cap...

This was no time for a long winter's nap!

Said Santa: "Me and my elves are busy making toys but I always have time for good girls and boys!"

And just outside--- folks were waiting in line...

To visit with Santa, and have a good time.

Said Santa: "We get kids from two days old until their 92 years old..."

And people-- if you still are not sold...

Remember the photos you get are pure gold!

One final check and a look in the mirror...

He was ready to spread some Christmas cheer.

Down the street walked St Nick.

Everyone wanted a selfie pic.

He got to his spot and soon settled in...

To visit with tiny tots and their kin.

One by one, wishes were shared...

One little girl seemed a little bit scared.

The kids all love Santa...

And he loves all of them.

They all hoped that these visits never would end.

But he can't stay too long, there's work to be done ...

Spreading joy and cheer to everyone!

And in just a few nights... If you've been good (and let's face it, everyone should).

They'll be a gift for you under the tree ...

And you'll celebrate Christmas-- with friends and family.

Said Santa: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas, everybody!

Special thanks to Nordstrom Downtown Seattle and Santa.

Visit Santa and share your Holiday wish list! You will find Santa outside in the 6th Avenue window through Monday, December 24th, 2018.